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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to get you started with a check of the forecast and christina. >> good morning to you. it's a chilly start for this tuesday but the warmest day of the workweek. if you want to get outside, you will be able to. temps are in the 30s in a couple cities across the area. it's jacket time. 50 in hayward. you probably don't need the jacket if you are waking up here. 49 in san francisco. mid to upper 60s today. more sunshine that yesterday. then changes arrive tomorrow. let's get you to work on time, today, right now with mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. livermore is moving nicely. 14 minutes. construction 680 northbound at sycamore valley road. southbound 880 to 238, she
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should be picking up in a few minutes. 680 will be sticking around for another half hour to an hour there. oakland 880 shows light traffic. high street should be picking up. back to you. two people are dead inside an east bay home. there are bizarre circumstances. it happened last night in concord. it's the second homicide in two days. marla is live outside the home. >> reporter: good morning. i'm going to step out of the way to give you a look at the scene here. police -- it's an active scene. police are on scene. the whole entire area where the home is is blocked off by crime tape. on the other side of the police truck, this is the home on bedford avenue where two people were found dead. it is a single story ranch-style home in an older neighborhood.
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looks to be in good condition, the home itself. police say they got the call at 8:30 last night. they are not releasing many details this morning except this key information. one of the individuals is a suspect in a homicide. also interesting, police say there are no outstanding suspects for these two deaths. one could speculate it is a murder-suicide but it's not confirmed. the officer on duty says they are waiting for the coroner to arrive. it's expected to happen in 30 minutes or so. this follows concord's first homicide of the year that happened on sunday. 19-year-old joshua cardone is in jail for stabbing a person to death at a shopping center. this happened sunday afternoon, just a day before. it is not related to this case
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here. still worth noting, three people have been killed in concord in just two days. i may be mistaken, but this could be the coroner who just arrived live on scene during the report. i'll check with police to get the latest information and bring it to you in the next live report. for now, we are live in concord. >> thanks. we'll check back later on. a 16-year-old san francisco boy is found dead. a murder and arson investigation are under way. san francisco police are searching for a fifth suspect. they say the victim was killed on quesada street. 16-year-old andy zing's body was found soaked in gasoline. he was a sophomore at the high school. the principle says he was fairly popular. friends started worrying when they didn't hear from him all
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weekend. >> you say disbelief. no, not andy. not the kid who walks around school smiling and is well liked. can't be him. >> police arrested four boys. grief counselors will be on hand to help grieving students today. chp is looking for a 78-year-old san francisco man for a hit and run. he's the owner of the toyota corolla involved in the accident. it happened early sunday morning in daily city. chp is asking anyone who saw the accident or knows where he is to call them. san francisco police will be out in force again this evening for game two between the giants and dodgers after a peaceful game last night. they met for the first time at at&t park since giants fan brian stow was attacked in l.a.
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a lot of people turned out in dodger blue, but no incidents. jeff says he was nervous about wearing his team colors to the game. >> my jacket was zipped up a little bit. as long as i'm cool, they will be cool as well. >> giants and dodgers fans stood shoulder-to-shoulder after the tribute to stow. he is still in a coma. police are looking for two men who attacked him on march 31st. in southern california, thousands of people gather together to show support for brian stow. they raised $61,000 for his family. $5,000 of that came from tommy who had brutal words. >> they are going to get you. you are not going to get away with it. >> the money will help stow's family with food and lodging while they were in los angeles with him.
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for information on how to donate, log on to and search stow. the massive amount of snow in the sierra created a dangerous situation in one mountain community. the sheriff's department issued a voluntary evacuation west of truckee along interstate 880. pro pain tanks are leaking this morning. emergency crews are working to repair them. they are from stress on the pro pain lines because of the heavy snow. members are debating whether to accept a fine during a meeting. several commissioners say the fine is too lenient. there's not enough assurance they would act on safety recommendations. they agreed to pay a $3 million fine for failing to meet a deadline to prove the gas system is safe.
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this comes after a pipeline exploded last september, tragically killing eight people. >> jerry brown is going to attend the 2011 bay area council outlook conference. he's joined by ed lee and other speakers. they will talk about education reform, politics and the economy. the first conference was held back in 1946 as a way for elected officials and business leaders to talk about ways to strengthen the bay area. he will sign a landmark bill today and we'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. we told you yesterday high way 4 is the most congested road in the bay area. if you are driving on highway 4, sorry, get ready for more delays. there is road construction this week. a result of b.a.r.t. expansion. eastbound traffic will be down to a single lane. westbound traffic will go to one
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lane in the afternoon. in antioch, crews close down one lane in both directions. drivers are encouraged to use alternate routes to avoid the delays. we'll see if mike can help us out. time is 5:07. we want to check in with christina taking a peek at the forecast. >> good morning to you. a nicer day than yesterday in the sense we aren't going to have as many clouds overhead. if you are looking for the vitamin d, tuesday is the day. light rain moves in tomorrow. we are going to see the showers to the north. we have a weather maker in the pacific pushing toward the bay area. it's going to push the ridge off to the east and bring showers into the area for tomorrow. i think more so than showers, talking mostly cloudy conditions. an overcast gray day. 45 degrees in san mateo. 40 in santa rosa. the 30s out there. napa in the 30s. grab your jacket on the way out the door. something you can take off.
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in the heat of the day, we are going to be in the mid to upper 60s. 65 degrees in san rafael. 64 in oakland. 67 in los gatos. we have a bit of a breeze in the east bay. it shouldn't interrupt your commute too much. hey mike. >> good morning. a lot of folks have that red flag raised because of highway 4. the construction in the westbound direction, as she said, starts in the afternoon. it starts where 67 is and heads to the 63. it's where you can see the first signs of slowing as well from hill crest to somersville. we'll watch that. so far, starting at 1:00 shouldn't be a problem. we are looking at the maze and approach to the bay bridge. the giants game in the city is the big note just like yet. closures around 3:00. keep that in mind. we'll see how things are shaping
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up further south. no problems through that area. an easy flow where 101 is moving nicely. south bay, the traffic is slowing. speed indicators, no problems. approaching the 280 interchange is standard for the area. it's right around the transition. back to you. >> it's 5:10 now. after a three-year drought, salmon fishers see if they can hit the water this year. a live report coming up next. the lineup is next. who is slated to play at the outside festival? a live look outside the bay bridge this morning. a nice looking shot. mike and christina
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good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside hp pavilion this morning. it is a little cooler start to the day. we are going to check in with christina and the temperature. it's 5:12 now. japan is in crisis mode after officials raise the severity of the nuclear crisis to the highest stage. it's one month after the earthquake crippled japan. they say the rating went from a five to seven. the rating was raised because of the amount of radiation found in the environment around the nuclear plant. a rating of seven is the highest level given on the international atomic agency. fishermen may have a sigh of relief this morning now that the three-year restriction on salmon fish sg coming to a close. they meet today to set the fishing schedule.
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all proposals include a may 1 start date. last year, fishing was allowed for eight days because of the low salmon count. this year, they predict triple last year's salmon population. it could be because of more plankton in the ocean. amazon is giving you a way to save money on the kindle if you are willing to ut up with ads. don't worry, the ads won't pop up while you are reading. the $25 cheaper device ships on may 3rd. nicole is live at cnbc with the rest of the news before the bell. are you a traditional reader or kindle reader? >> totally. i am leather bound books all the way. i would rather give them that 25 extra dollars and have a nice clean version of moby dick. they call me a traditionalist.
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futures are lower. markets are moving with energy crisis. oil slid sharply on monday with concerns high fuel will eat into energy demand. goldman sachs is saying lock in now. there's a good chance they will shift in reverse. oil broke above 113 bucks a barrel yesterday. it's now below 110 bucks a barrel. ford is coming out and saying because of all this and including disruptions from japan, their earnings could get hit. they don't have plants in japan, but uses suppliers there. it's looking for alternative sources for parts as needed. ford is coming out and saying operations in asia could be affected by parts shortages through may. we have toyota coming out saying u.s. dealers could have uncertainty over its supply chain. that could threaten vehicle
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production through july. toyota is coming out saying there's plenty of inventory on hand but it's going to get tighter. potential exists that supply of new vehicles will be impacted coming up this summer. we are seeing the ripple effects from the disaster in japan. >> thank you very much, nicole. warmer weather means more people heading to local parks. rangers say hike responsibly. this past weekend, three hikers got lost during separate trips and one of them almost got hypothermia. dress in layers to add or shed clothing, depending on the temperature. take a cell phone and drinking water no matter how short the hike is supposed to be. when ever possible, hike with a friend. >> good advice. check the forecast. you need fo know if you need to bring several layers or not. >> or if it's going to rain or be cold or too hot.
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how much water do you need to bring with you? check the conditions. the temps are supposed to rise today. we have changes on the way for tomorrow. if you are wanting to get outside and enjoy the sunny skies, today is the day. things change tomorrow. mostly sunny, upper 60s. great day for baseball. tomorrow, when watching the game, we might see showers coming down. rain arrives as we head through the second half of the day tomorrow. we are not expecting that much rain. less than a quarter inch. i think showers won't make their way to the south bay. the peninsula east bay, seeing a bit of light shower activity. temps are chilly. 45 in san mateo and 46 degrees in santa cruz. later on today is in the 60s. a nice day shaping up for us. 68 in fremont. 66 in livermore and ch 67 in los gatos. tomorrow, the temps come down
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five to ten degrees on average. if you want to get outside, do so. don't wash the car until the showers come through tomorrow. that's my advice. here is what to expect. the temps on the climb toward friday. finally back to 70s sunday and monday. next week, we are talking about the 80s. yeah, if you want to wear the spring outfits, you'll be able to do so next week. it's on the chilly side for the remainder of this week. golden gate park is going to rock this august. lineup is now out for the outside lands festival. three-day concert runs from august 12 to the 14th. more than 50 bands are scheduled to perform. last year drew 80,000 people to the park. it should be another great one. a pair of planes collide on a tarmac at a major airport. details coming up next. 30 years of the space
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shuttle and 50 years of man's space flight coming up. we're looking over here. the morning commute starting for the north bay, 101 nice through navato. when and what is going on for the north bay commute, coming up. back to you guys.
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good morning, everybody. live look outside this morning. i think -- i'm not positive where that is, it's someplace out there in the dark. it's possible to park your car longer on san francisco city streets. the extended stay meters are up and running. the first are in the marina district. you can use change or a credit card to feed the meter up to four hours without risking a $55 ticket. the price of parking will
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fluctuate. it's to see if micromanaging meters. if you get a $55 parking ticket what's the meter cost, 54 bucks? you save a dollar. >> city parking is tough. getting into the city is easy. the east shore freeway is an 18 minute drive. a smooth ride. 65 miles per hour into the city. 50 across the span itself. a giants game is the note approaching the city from the peninsula. slowing starting early this afternoon as folks head to the city. postwork traffic as well. avoid at&t park unless you have tickets or hoping to find new friends over there. south of the east bay, earlier
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construction. davis as well as 238, construction cleared. from 880, no problems to the bridge. we have construction still for 680 northbound and around costa. they are sticking around for a half hour or so until the crews completely clear it. a 14 minute drive for that commute. we look at a live shot there. northbound with the headlights coming up. starting to pick up a tad bit. things are moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:23. we have an update this morning on a deadly subway bombing. the number of people killed in the explosion has risen to 12. 150 people are injured. officials say they are unsure of the intentions of the bombing. some say it was an attempt to destabilize the country. in the case of friendly fire, two americans in afghanistan are
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dead this morning after a drone aircraft missile attack mistook them for insurgeons. jeremy c. smith was hit as he tried to reach other marines who had been pinned down by insurgent gunfire. this is the first case of u.s. troops hit by friendly fire from a drone air strike. a very dangerous incident last night after two planes collided on the tarmac. faa officials say an air transplane was taxiing for take off. the one clipped the other jet's tail. no one was hurt. both planes are being inspected for damage this morning. air france plane is an airbus 380, the same type of plane that will soon will landing at fso.
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scott mcgrew was complaining about gas prices. >> then i challenged folks to find something higher. if you can, post it on facebook. challenge accepted. one viewer sent us this from napa valley. gas at $4.31 a gallon for regular. they said there's cheaper gas down the street. we know that. we are trying to find out the most expensive gas. if you think you can beat this, jump on facebook with a picture. 30 years ago today, two astronauts strapped themselves into the shuttle columbia and blasted off. more than 130 shuttle mission laters the orbiters have flown the combined distance between here and jupiter. they will announce the four locations that get a retired space shuttle for display. today, april 12th is an important day in space history. 50 years ago today, the first
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human went to space. the first person to orbit as well as the soviet union beat america into space by 23 days. allen shepherd became the first american into space. it would take another year before we got into orbit with john glenn. the first woman in space in 1963. nasa tried in 1983. >> i'd go. >> i would too. i would have to go with richard branson. i don't know how to work that out. police release a sketch of a man they say is attacking women on the cal campus. creating a data base like megans law, but this one tracking animal abusers.
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new this morning, two people are found dead inside a home in
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concord. good morning, i'm marla. i'll explain the bizarre circumstances surrounding this investigation, coming up. another murder investigation gone cold is hot once again. marin investigators say they have solved a string of murders. former giant now facing a lawsuit. a look at what he's accused of, next. bob redell live here in the south bay. the governor will be here to sign a law to make us more reliant on these things here. we'll explain, coming up. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining all of us in here. a bunch of folks hanging out. >> it takes a lot of people to put on this show. >> we have lots of company today. >> it's important that you see the two of us. it takes a team.
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part of that team, we want to start out with christina loren what is going to look at the forecast. >> i got busted with my tennis shoes on. i wear them every day. not going to get busted again. it's chilly out there. take a look, the temperatures are all over the place. 39 in napa. 50 degrees in hayward. depending on where you are waking up, that dictates how heavy your jacket should be. nobody is going to need a jacket. we'll be in the 60s. today is the best day of the week, we'll tell you why and break down the seven day outlook. hey, mike. >> you have your tennies on because you have to get the lighter temperature readings. no major issues with the sensor readings. they come on the computer. the giants are in town, you will see congestion there. the 70 as you approach the merge
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with highway 37 through navato. a smooth drive. more volume of traffic coming into navato. the rain is light tomorrow and nothing going on now as far as the rain. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. investigators are trying to piece together a bizarre puzzle after two people are found dead inside an east bay home. it happened last night. it is the city's second homicide in as many days. marla is live outside the home with the latest. marla. >> reporter: good morning. it is still a very active scene this morning. police got the call at 8:30 last night. take a look over my shoulder here. police are still on scene as well as the coroner who arrived about 30 minutes ago. the home is just to the right. it's a single story ranch-style home. it's taped off by crime tape this morning.
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we are on bedford road near market and clayton. police are saying that two people were found dead inside this home last night. one of the individuals is a suspect in a salanoe county homicide. there are no outstanding suspects for the deaths. it could be a murder suicide, but that has not been confirmed. i just spoke to a neighbor. she says the woman who lives next door lives there by herself. she guesses she's in her 60s. is this a surprise? >> yeah, it's shocking. it's weird how this all happened so fast. >> reporter: now, she says the police have been here before a couple times in the past but she thinks for medical reasons for the woman. police are not telling her anything at this hour as well. now this follows, as you mentioned concord's first homicide of the year.
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that happened sunday. the day before where a 19-year-old stabbed a 20-year-old to death in a shopping center. again, that was just the day before. that person is held on a $1 million bond in a martinez jail. again, these two cases are not related. it's noteworthy three people have been killed in two days. behind me here, police and the coroner stepped outside the home. we are following the latest here. we will bring you the latest in our next live report. brent. thanks a lot, marla. >> it is 5:33 now. a series of murders unsolved for decades could be a mystery no more. joseph will be charged for a string of murders dating back to the 1970s. he was arrested yesterday. detectives say he is responsible
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for murders in 1977, '78, '93 and '94. tune into nbc bay area today at 5:00 and 6:00 for the details. we have a sketch of sexual predators from the uc campus. the first is from a student who was robbed early friday morning. an hour earlier, a man grabbed another student near the life sciences building. she provided the stech you see on the right. it is unclear if the assaults are connected or the same person or different. the board of supervisors want more studies done on unleashed dogs. the golden gate recreational area told supervisors current rules are not working. there are visitor conflicts. city leaders are concerned the
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100,000 dog owners will lose access to the park. it would limit where they can roam free. the city is talking of having a megan's law data base for animal abusers. they would create a data base of people who have been convicted of abusing or neglecting animals. it's used by animal rescue groups to ensure people with a record cannot adopt. if they move forward with the plan, they have to ask the board of supervisors for approval. jurors in barry bonds case will continue dlab ration today. the panel of eight men and four women failed. themt to hear more testimony. they played some of it back yesterday. bonds is charged with three counts of lying to a jury investigating steroid use in sports in 2003. they say he lied when he denied taking steroids.
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he's charged with one count of obstruction. former giant is in major league legal trouble. he's a dodger and in town for a series with the giants. he's sued by his former landlord saying he damaged a two-bedroom condo he rented last season. the landlord says he was cooking last june and there was a grease fire that burned the kitchen and triggered the sprinkler system. he admitted to it and told her he would take care of it. there was $145,000 worth of damage to the kitchen cabinets and appliances. the water damage from the sprinklers damaged two condos below. california more reliant on renewable energy. bob redell is live at the sun power power plant with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, laura. the governor will be here to officially dedicate the new sun power plant here. more importantly, i'm sure in the governor's eyes to sign the bill that requires utilities to get a third of their energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. of course, that would be good news for companies like sun power that make solar panels. this gentleman is the president of flex tronnics. we are at their sight now and they are making the solar panels for sun power. you make electronics for all sorts of businesses. you get a good snapshot of what's going on in the economy. how does the solar panel industry seem to be doing? >> we see a lot of interest coming up. homeowners are having interest. utilities are using it as well. the bill is being signed in today by governor brown. >> today is the official dedication.
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the plant has been up and running since december. what have you seen in the roughly five months? >> we have been ramping up the volume rates here. the demand level is existing. we are catching up with it now. >> very good. appreciate it very much. the governor and energy secretary will be here to dedicate the plant later today. that bill, the idea being the state of california gets roughly a third, 33% of energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. in about nine years there. brent and laura. >> thank you very much, bob. more and more people going sol solar. we have plenty of sun here. we want to check in with christina to get a look at the forecast. >> we are going to see a lot of sunshine. mostly sunny skies today. 39 degrees in navato.
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49 in livermore. 50 in hayward. depending on where you are waking up this morning, yeah, it's chilly up in the north bay. you will need a heavy parka up there. a light sweater or jacket along the peninsula. a clear, cool start this morning. when the sun comes up, you will be able to see a really, really nice sunrise. it's going to be gorgeous out there. warm as you head through the afternoon. by wednesday, rain moves through the area. high pressure is still in control. it's going to bring the temperatures up to the mid to upper 60s. depending on where you live, near the coast, mid-60s. inland, upper 60s for today. close to 70 near santa rosa. is rain pushes in tomorrow. we'll talk ability the timing of the system, how much we are expecting and when it's expected to move out. it's all on the way. maybe you are on your way to work. how does it look? >> a lot of folks are on their way to work.
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the kick off started around 5:30. we have speeds down to 30 miles per hour. typical from a street to lovage. it should be picking up. 580 coming through the altamont pass, we'll see it build in 20 minutes. southbound 680 south of the dublin interchange, an accident involving an overturned vehicle. it's out of lanes. itis a distraction as you pass the sunol bridge. we have reports of debris. we got that update as well. it's tumbling. no problems crossing the bay bridge. >> do you have sniffles and sneezes? a lot of people do. it's allergy season. every part of the u.s. has
5:41 am
allergies. how the bay area is stacking up. why slashing the national budget could slice the bart extension in the south bay. >> it's a good day for ice cream. whert teeo fropa coge s. >>rain, allergies
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5:43 am
can be worse than ever. tracie potts is live in washington to see how the bay area stacks up. i don't know how they looked in the past, but the past few days, my car hood is green. >> reporter: you know what, brent? everyone i talked to said we have to be near the top of that list. there's pollen everywhere. they looked at more than that. they looked at how many people
5:44 am
are taking prescriptions for allergies and how many specialists in the area dealing with that. when they added the pollen counts, they came up with a number. you are number 60 on the list. there are 59 other big cities in america with worse allergy problems than you have. one thing they noticed, this is a ranking by the allergy foundation of america. one thing they noticed is fewer people are taking prescription medications. it averages just under one per patient. it used to be higher. you can get stuff over the counter now. things that used to be prescriptions are now prescription strength over the counter. it is a problem that affects 50 million people in this country. number one in this country, knoxville. san francisco is number 60. san diego, interestingly, way down at the bottom, number 100. apparently because they have
5:45 am
more people, fewer people taking medications and more allergy specialists in the area. >> i'm sneezing a lot these days. thanks. i wonder how the cherry blossoms are in washington, d.c. this year. >> 5:44. japan raises the severity level of the nuclear crisis this morning. it's comparable to the chernobyl disaster. it's raised from a five to seven. the highest level. the air and tap water as well as vegetables and sea water. the government added five communities to a list of people to leave in order to get away from the radiation exposure. congress set to vote on a federal budget deal may mean
5:46 am
hitting the brakes on the b.a.r.t. they need $900 million in federal funding over the next few years to complete the ten-mile b.a.r.t. extension from fremont to san jose. this compromise would stop the funding and the rail would go from $2.5 billion to zero. if they happens, they will have to seek private funding to pay for the rail line. the city of oak lanld is waking up to a nightmare. the mayor and city heads met to decide how to attack the $58 million deficit. they will have to vote on a final budget before july 1, which marks the start of the next fiscal year. she said two departments that will be spared are the police department and city film office. vandals looking to make a quick
5:47 am
buck stealing money are coming up empty. 400 meters have been stolen this year. most people think they can break them open and get out the quarters. it turns out they are tough to crack and most of them are discarded and rarely opened. the city is in the process of replacing the old coin fed meters with one that is read credit cards instead. if you want the best ice cream deal stop by ben and jerries. today is free cone day. your favorite flavors are all free today. the special promotion runs from noon to 8:00 in exchange for the free scoop. the ice cream chain is encouraging folks to donate to charity. >> not a bad deal. >> make the rounds. >> we could. >> what if you get one for every person in the family. we could get five. the triplets don't eat one, we
5:48 am
would have two left over. >> i think that's why he married me. you gonna finish that. i love to surprise him when i do. >> christine says how are we going to get into weather. >> is it a good day for ice cream. >> i bet if you try to take it away from them, the tears. >> yeah. >> the sobbing. don't take an ice cream away from me. we know better than that. 49 degrees. today is not a great day for ice cream. later on, if you are standing out in the sun at precisely 4:00 p.m., okay. it's going to be on the warm side later. it's going to be cool all day long. you'll need the jacket all day. temperatures are going to climb five to seven degrees. hb was able to warm us up. we started a hint warmer this morning. upper 60s inland. the coast is the mid-60s. still, yesterday, we broke the
5:49 am
upper 50s along the peninsula. we'll take whatever we can get when it comes to a warm up. rain moves in late tomorrow. nothing heavy. let me show you an unimpressive future cast. by 9:00 a.m., activity in the north bay. throughout the second half of the day, a little bit pushes into the east bay. we're not going to see action in the south bay. the peninsula will stay dry. hopefully, it will remain dry by 7:35 when we watch the giants play tomorrow. today, you will need a jacket. it's on the chilly side. 66 degrees today in redwood city. 67 degrees in san jose. 67 up in fairfield. rain arrives tomorrow as you saw. nothing heavy. definitely a gray day. the sun comes out for your thursday. warming up into the 70s for the second half of your weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you. giants hope to redeem themselves. they struggled against the
5:50 am
dodgers in this young season. no homefield advantage. they won last night, 6-1. not having a great outing for the defending world champions. yesterday was brian stow day as the giants and dodgers honored the injured fan. >> we dedicate this game to brian stow. >> players and fans were brought to tears during the event. there was another emotional moment when juan got his world series ring. he's now with l.a. he was embraced with former teammates and fans who love him. he had to switch uniforms in the off season. the giants and dodgers finale at at&t park is going to air here on nbc bay area. the game coverage begins at 7:00. 5:50 now. new measures they are taking against toll chiefs. what happens when a myth buster tweets too much?
5:51 am
we'll tell you in tech today. as we get you driving through oakland, 580 is looking fine in this spot. where there are problems for the trivalley and what else is cooking for this tuesday morning commute. hey, check us out on facebook. become a fan of nbc bay area morning news. then check out the page for details on how you can win a chance to see rod stewart and stevie nicks in concert april 20 20th.
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welcome back, everyone. another reason to think twice before speeding through a toll booth. the metro poll tan transportation says it is losing
5:54 am
money. it will do more than just find them. now, it will seize your vehicle, too. they say they lost $14 million in unpaid tolls and fines. 800 drivers averaged 66 violations. each of them owing more in violations and fines. consider yourself warned. let's look at the morning commute with mike. >> we are focusing on the accident southbound 680. there is slowing down. an update, there's a slow lane blocked at the scene. a big spectacle. there's an overturned impala on its roof. an ambulance is headed to the scene. slow southbound 680 off dublin passing. that's an early start for the slowing there. construction picking up at sycamore valley road soon. a slowdown coming into livermore.
5:55 am
it will build over the next half hour. oakland, more folks on the roadway. no major delays through downtown heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. the 880, 92 interchange is running smoothly. over to you. >> thanks, mike. investigators are looking for a serial killer and believe the suspect could have connections with law enforcement. reports suggest the killer may know about police work and how not to get caught. remains were found at the beach raising the total number to eight for the area. investigators are taking their time. they want to make sure no clues are missed. >> we are doing as thorough a search as we can. a diligent systematic search. >> that search began last december for a missing woman. it developed into a murder mystery when more bodies were discovered. a blow to arizona's immigration enforcement efforts.
5:56 am
they ruled against requiring state police officers to ask for documentation from suspected illegal immigrants. they said the state of arizona was intruding on federal authority and law. if you saw "social network" the twins think mark zuckerberg tricked them. >> a lot of people call them a different name. these twins took zuckerberg to court and got between $60 million and $160 million depending on how you measure it. this winter, they say they were tricked into taking the settlement. that's right. they were fooled, again. monday, a panel of judges in san francisco said forget it. at some point, litigation must
5:57 am
come to an end said one of the judges. that point with them has now been reached. san francisco people were on the colbert report. they are pushing people to live tweet. adam says he lost 40 followers during the experience on twitter because he tweeted too much. this video reminds me of myth busters. the u.s. navy fired a powerful laser at this test target setting the engine on fire. the laser was tested on land but never from a moving ship. they did it off the coast of los angeles. this would be a nonlethal way of stopping another boat. if you dial down the laser, you can temporarily blind people on a boat. might be useful against pirates.
5:58 am
los angeles fans chipping in to help the family of a fan attacked. the dodgers versus the world champion giants.
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